Hi and welcome to Tasty Dinners, a collection of recipes that I, the Tasty Cook, and my husband Mr. T(asty) have tried or hope to soon try in our home.

Do you ever flip through magazines like Southern Living or Cooking Light and rip out the recipes and photos you want to cook someday? Yeah, me too. But the problem is that I end up with a bunch of torn out magazine pages stuck in a file that I forget to look at when I need to find something new to cook for dinner. So I decided to convert this process into an electronic form of collecting and categorizing the recipes I want to try and have tried.

The point of this blog is primarily for my own personal use as a place for me and my family to record and remember the great recipes we love, and a place to share these recipes with our friends. We love food and we love foodies so what better way to share the goodness then on the web, right?

The way this blog is organized is by category.  Every time I add a new recipe I will categorize it according to the listing found in the right column of every page. Categories are broad, like “chicken” or “healthy” or “kid friendly” so if you are looking for specific ingredients, check out the tag cloud at the bottom of each page where I will list more specific ingredients like cheese, chocolate and wine.

My process is based primarily in google reader, I subscribe to feeds of food blogs I enjoy and when I see something I like I add it to Tasty Dinners. I am very visual and typically wont stop to read a recipe if there is no photo so I will usually post the recipe and the photo on my blog. Please know that I ALWAYS give credit where credit is due and will link back to the original locations of all recipes and photos I record on Tasty Dinners.

If you are a recipe or photo owner who doesn’t enjoy free publicity and traffic being sent to your blog and are unhappy that I have listed your recipe or photo on Tasty Dinners, please email me at tastydinners-at-yahoo-dot-com and I will be glad to remove your post.

Otherwise, enjoy the free publicity and we will enjoy your delicious culinary offerings.

Thank you,

The Tasty Cook


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